P14 Media
About Us

About Us

Welcome to P14 Media!

We’re a UK based company developing and providing online platforms and services for the adult media industry.

Originally established in 2018 as a general digital media and website publishing company with a sideline in adult websites.
We found that many cloud based platforms, social media companies and other SaaS providers either shut adult content out completely, or treated it unfairly with ridiculous conditions and inflated pricing.
Despite being a legal industry, we found ourselves struggling to promote and manage our adult websites with even basic services difficult to find.
So, in 2020, we decided we could do better.
We ditched our non adult websites, and relaunched as a SaaS and online platform company dedicated to providing fair and straightforward online services to the adult industry.

We’re Dedicated to Doing Things Right!

Our services must…

  • Be fairly priced with easy to understand terms and conditions.
  • Help adult models and performers find new opportunities to expand their audience and income.
  • Be fairly moderated without the use of shadowbans or unfair content removal.
  • Fight for equal rights for those in the industry, while standing against child abuse and human trafficking.
  • Be for the benefit of all legitimate adult content creators.

We want to provide those in the adult industry with the online tools and platforms they need to grow and succeed.

Focusing on services which other providers withhold from the adult industry due to nothing more than outdated morals.

The Future

We’re still in the early stages with some of our services, but firmly on the road to where we want to be.

Our short term plans include:

  • Continuing to build and support the users of POR.Nz. The world’s premium adult content URL shortener.
  • Ongoing work on the 5 other services and platforms we currently have in top secret development.
  • Expanding our cloud based services into other areas such as website management and hosting.
  • Launching an education division for those both in and out of the adult industry.
  • Supporting the industry worldwide by establishing international offices.