P14 Media
Our Beliefs and Procedures

Our Beliefs and Procedures

Our Statement of Beliefs

  • We believe in your freedom of expression.
    Freedom to use your body as you see fit, without judgement or interference.
    Freedom to have fun and enjoy your career.
  • We believe all consensual sex is natural. Nobody has the right to tell you your desires, kinks, fetishes or sexuality is wrong.
  • The ability to create art is a human right. Nobody has the right to tell you your chosen artform is wrong or immoral.
  • We believe in protecting the adult industry from government censorship by promoting industry wide self regulation and ethical business practices. This is our house. We should be the ones to keep it tidy. Not banks, politicians or religious pressure groups… Us.
  • We believe those who piggyback on the reputation of legitimate hardworking artists, to promote stolen or illegal content, drag all our names through the mud and should be openly condemned.
  • We believe coercion, trafficking, abuse of any kind, and non consensual content have no place within the legitimate adult media industry, and we must show the world that such things do not represent us.
  • We believe morally judging and condemning an entire legal industry due to the actions of a small minority of criminals, to be lazy and ignorant.
  • We believe our industry creates art. Which should be free to explore and depict all aspects of consensual human desire and sexual preference without interference or prejudice.
  • We believe the creation of adult content for entertainment and the promotion of positive sexual attitudes in the real world are not mutually exclusive aims.
  • We believe in standing against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any other kind of discrimination.
  • We believe that withholding essential personal, health, business and financial services from those working in a LEGAL industry, is wrong, regardless of the weak moral or business arguments used.
  • Finally, above all else, we believe that sex work… IS WORK. The people working in this industry deserve the same respect, legal rights, and fair pay as those in any other.

Our Procedures, Policies and Protocols

We operated various online services and websites. Some of these allow user uploaded content or user created links. We’re dedicated to protecting the safety of our users by keeping illegal and problematic content away from our platforms.
We have numerous procedures, policies and protocols in place to protect us, those who work with us, our services and our industry.
Some of these we make public for transparency or legal compliance, others are kept confidential for operational and security reasons.
The most important of these can be found below, with the policy names listed in red:

We fully understand the implications of data breaches when working in such a sensitive industry. Therefore we have a comprehensive GDPR Data Protection Policy in place which goes above and beyond our basic legal obligations in protecting the data of our clients and users.

18 USC 2257 is part of a US act obligating companies involved in the creation of adult content to keep detailed records of the the age checks they conduct before working with any model. We are not a US company or a producer, but voluntarily follow these rules as detailed in our 18 USC 2257 Statement, so our content remains legal in the United States market.
You can read our 18 USC 2257 Statement here.

All our services, platforms and websites contain individual Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, and Terms of Use. These are individually tailored to each service and aim to make clear our obligations to our users, and the acceptable ways in which we expect our services to be used.

We believe it is the responsibility of the adult industry itself to protect children from viewing adult content. Taking this obligation seriously is the only real way to avoid strong government interference in the future. For this reason, we use the RTA Label Parental Filtering system, which was created by The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), on all of our services and websites.
Despite being a UK company, we follow the ASACP Code of Ethics in the management of our services.

We also support the introduction of age verification technology under the following conditions:

  • It does not jeopardize the privacy of any user, collects the least amount of data needed, and secures or deletes this data after verification completes.
  • Is smooth and frictionless to use, in a way which does not penalise the adult industry by discouraging users from visiting websites.
  • Is free, subsidised or extremely cost effective so small and independent content producers are not priced out of the industry.
  • Only needs to be implemented on website pages or areas containing adult content, and not an entire website. Leaving space for publishers to promote their site and explain the verification process to potential customers in advance.

Each of our websites has in place a Moderation Protocol so content and links which violate any terms can be flagged or removed. This includes the use of AI systems, human moderators, and clear, easy to use User Reporting Systems.

Basic violations are one thing, child sexual abuse material, often abbreviated as CSAM, is another matter altogether. CSAM is a appalling issue which has no place even casually associating itself with legal and ethical adult content.
We have a company wide, zero tolerance CSAM Policy in place. This policy includes active monitoring for illegal content using both human and AI based systems and enforcing a large list of prohibited words relating to CSAM.
We also report all instances of CSAM we find to Inhope.
Inhope is a CSAM monitoring service, funded by the European Commission, and supported by major tech giants such as Microsoft, along with law enforcement agencies such as Interpol. It forms a network of 47 hotlines around the world, which investigate CSAM wherever it is found, and work to ensure prosecutions are brought.

We are also committed to following the guidance laid out in the Voluntary Principles to Counter Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. An initiative developed by major tech companies in partnership with government agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The principles are supported and promoted by the WePROTECT Global Alliance, which currently comprises of 97 governments, 25 major tech companies, and 30 civil society organisations.

CSAM is listed on our Red List. This is a small list of content types we take more seriously than other term violations. Content that is either illegal, causes harm to its participants, can be damaging to its viewers, or brings the ethical adult industry into disrepute.
We understand normal sexual desires can vary and therefore try to be sensible in the creation and enforcement of this list.
For example, we know ‘teen’ is a legitimate genre covering legal adults from 18 to mid 20s in age and does not represent children.
We also fully support, as much as the law allows, safely created, clearly consensual BDSM, fetish, and gay content and will always protest against overzealous regulations which seek to stifle the amazing creativity of these communities.
We constantly monitor and update our Red List, and will neither produce content of such nature, or allow it on our services or websites. Depending on the seriousness of the content, we will always consider reporting Red List content to relevant law enforcement agencies.
Currently the list covers the following, which may be real, or edited in such as way as to appear real.

  • Underage pornography, (under 18), CSAM.
  • Beastiality.
  • Snuff or necrophilia.
  • Rape or other non-consensual acts, including acts made to appear non-consensual such as being drunk, high, asleep or hypnotised.
  • Pornography involving weapons of any kind, except for background props.
  • Bloodletting, self harm or acts resulting in physical injury.
  • Real torture techniques. ie. waterboarding.
  • Non-consensual public acts, ie. upskirting, hidden changing room cameras etc.
  • Revenge porn, or anything which personally identifies somebody without their consent.
  • Pornography which alters the appearance of a participant to look like somebody else without their consent, such as deepfakes.
  • The publishing of personal details of pornstars or other sex workers, including but not limited to, real names, physical addresses (both residential and business), phone numbers and email addresses. Or any other information which could threaten the safety of such people.

We also believe in protecting our users from the evil that is spam, and the dangers of phishing. Our Spam and Phishing Policy ensures our websites and services remain as safe and spam free as possible. Again using a mix of human and technology based automated moderation. For instance, we use the Project Honeypot and Phishtank databases to continually scan and automatically block the IP addresses of known spammers and any URL associated with phishing. We will also submit any previously unknown spammers and phishing to these services, and report phishing attempts to the relevant authorities.

Human trafficking is another horrendous crime that is often associated with adult content by those who wish to discredit our industry and censor the world.
However, this does not mean it does not exist, and is an issue that should be dealt with extremely seriously.
Our Anti Human Trafficking Policy covers our entire business, from the hiring of employees to operating our services.
You can read our Anti Human Trafficking Policy in full here.