P14 Media
Our Services

Our Services

Our aim is to create SaaS systems, content platforms and other online and cloud based services, which not only tolerate the adult industry, but actively support it.

Working for the benefit of the entire adult media community.

We look for services and platforms to develop based on two specific criteria.

Criteria 1

A type of IT service or online platform exists, from which the adult industry is excluded.
Usually because all existing services or platforms of the type forbid adult content in their terms and conditions.


Criteria 2

Services or platforms exist which the adult industry can use, but get a bad deal on.
Either due to excessively strict terms, inconsistent moderation, or unprofessional activities such as spamming your users with their adverts.

Our Difference

Our services and platforms must all follow the same basic rules.
They must be:

  • Accessible to, or designed specifically for, the adult industry with fair and clear terms and conditions.
  • As free as possible from spam, phishing, intrusive advertising or any other shady practices which give the industry a bad name.
  • Legally compliant and extra strict on those who break the law or bring our industry into disrepute.
  • Secure and safe to use.
  • Well moderated, and free from the use of underhand tactics such as shadowbans, or content removal without reason.
  • Fairly balance the needs of users while protecting those too young to view adult content.

They must also offer either:

  • Fair and clear pricing structures, if premium features are available.
  • Fair and clear payment terms, if monetisation features are available.

Our Platforms and Services

Our current flagship service is Por.nZ. The world’s premium adult content focused URL shortener.
Designed specifically with your adult content in mind, and the word “porn” right there in the URL!
The service also offers basic link stats and QR codes, with a premium link subscription service coming soon.

We have a number of exciting projects being developed right now, details of which will be released as soon as they go live!